Servicing Non-Performing Loans

Late Notices

Our state-of-the-art software calculates and sends late notices to all delinquent borrowers and bills them for late charges. All late charge notices sent are automatically added to the communications log file.

Breach Letters for Notice of Intent to Foreclose

All breach letters required by law will be provided to borrowers to notify them of their last chance to reinstate their loans prior to commencement of foreclosure.

Past Due Collection Letters

All collection letters and notifications will be sent to the borrowers notifying them of the delinquencies on their loans and stating what options are available to them.

Foreclosure Notices
(Notice of Default and Notice of Sale)

All Notices of Default and Notices of Sale will be processed, and all borrowers will be served/notified in compliance with state laws and legal requirements.

Borrower Contact Calls

We maintain constant communication with your borrower, providing payment reminder calls one day after the borrower’s payment grace period, as well as providing loss mitigation options and working toward a beneficial solution to keep your investment current.

Outgoing Collection Calls

Our experienced staff has been trained in the skillful art of the collection call to ensure that every effort is made to protect your investment.

Loss Mitigation Services

We offer homeowners a complete option of loss mitigation alternatives from repayment/forebearance agreements to loan modification, short sales and deeds-in-lieu, based on investor guidelines and delegated authority

Loan Modifications

Subject to your approval, we will negotiate with your borrower to fold any past-due amounts, including interest and escrow, into the unpaid principal balance.

Forbearance Agreements

Peak Loan Servicing will work toward an agreement with the borrower for a payment plan that will cure this delinquency.

Property Valuation Analysis

In this rapidly changing real estate market, it is essential that you are kept well-informed as to the current market value of your investments.

Short-Pay Negotiations

Subject to your approval, we will negotiate with your borrower on your behalf to accept less than the amount owed on the outstanding loan balance, with the appropriate documentation being completed.

Bankruptcy Relief

Peak Loan Servicing staff members are trained to work effectively with bankruptcy attorneys to ensure that timely payments are made to you while the borrower is in bankruptcy.


In the event that legal assistance becomes necessary, we can retain experienced legal counsel to represent you.

Foreclosure Processing

Our foreclosure service processes all sizes and types of foreclosures efficiently and professionally. We understand that time equals money; therefore, all foreclosures are started immediately unless directed otherwise by our client.

Short-Sale Coordination

At your approval, we will work with both the buyer and seller to meet specific lender requirements pertaining to the short sale as well as insuring that the transaction is an arm’s length transaction to protect your interest. A complete valuation analysis will be provided for your review.

Property Preservation and Securing

Through our network, we provide the breadth of services needed to maintain properties in the desired condition for a quick resale.


Through our network, we provide eviction services including unlawful detainer, summary possession, summary dispossession, forcible detainer, ejectment or repossession.

REO Property Management

If selling the property is not the immediate solution, we provide property management services to quickly identify potential renters to avoid any unnecessary revenue loss.

REO Property Sale

If selling the property is the best solution, we provide sales services through our network to ensure that you have the needed local coverage to expedite the sale.